A Chang Jiang 750 built by Bandit9. Fantastic build from a new custom builder based in China.

Daryl Villanueva writes in with some information on his new venture. I really like this bike. Nice balanced lines and I bet it’s an excellent rider. Very well done.

I’m Daryl Villanueva, an advertising creative director and motorcycle designer. I’ve just moved to Beijing and opened up my own motorcycle design company – Bandit9. Anyway, I wanted to share my very first build, Bandit #1: Loki, with your readers. Feel free to use the pics attached. Loki is a customized Chang Jiang 750, an old chinese military model that usually comes as a sidecar.

This was the guinea pig of the company just to see how far I can stretch my ideas in China. The language barrier makes it tough to create the perfect parts…but I’m learning to work within the box. I expect the next Bandit9 bike to kick some ass.

You can check out my temporary website and blog:



  1. Um, so…that front brake line and clutch cable don’t rub/get caught in the front tire when you steer it at full left lock?

    Overall, a unique look, though!

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