3 comments on “This XV920 is making quite a splash…

  1. I don’t think this was the Virago 920. It was the XV920R, a more European version of the same powertrain. Same engine, but chain final drive on a more Seca like style and seating position. They weren’t around for long, and I don’t know that the US even got them.

  2. Great looking bike, I’m not surprised so many people like this bike it’s simple and usable and you can work on it yourself if your that way inclined, I’ve been riding 34 years and I have to say that I am quite disillusioned with many of the new bikes today the manufacturers seem obsessed with HP and speed and this obsession is adding fuel to the anti-bike campaigns, being a mechanic by trade if I can’t work on a bike myself I’m not interested in it, running diagnostic programs on computers to determine which black box has died is of no interest to me or having to pay stupid money to replace a black box and many sports bikes are such a pain to work on it can cost a lot of money just to have the plugs changed, is that progress, not to me!

  3. I fix up bikes in my spare time for a hobby. 80 bikes so far(25 years). The ONLY bike I ever fixed up then tracked down and bought back was an XV920RJ (1982). Still have it.

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