1. I know the full story. I’ve been debating whether we should include it in the documentary we’re making about the Kenny Dreer Norton. Maybe I need to track down Tim and get his opinion.

    1. I just came upon these pictures and story. Yes that is the VR880 that Kenny Dreer built for Tim Allan. I’m the current owner of the bike. Also I work with VR owners all over the country to help solve any issues that they may have on the VR’s. Kenny sent me the tooling to produce ring gears for the electric start system. The VR’s are a great looking bike.

      1. Tom, we’re trying to locate as many of the VR 880s as possible. I’d love to chat with you about your bike and the others you’re in contact with. You can reach me at tom at americannorton dot com, or visit the American Norton website send me a message from the Crew page.

  2. Dreer had (I believe) ONE metallic green/silver VR880 (lighter green) which I consider the most beautiful bike ever.

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