1. Being the owner of an old DR650, kick-start only, it is an awesome bike although a little heavy, not much power, slightly unreliable, butt-ugly, not much suspension, not easy to work on, 2 counterbalancers but still shakes like hell, leaky forks, broken rear sub-frame, main bearings and timing chain that are crap, exhaust that falls apart, gas tank that cracks from the vibration, instruments that can’t even stay in one piece the first time you loop the bike, but aside from these little things it’s been a great bike.

    1. Hmmm, yes, my ’91 DR 650 has a few of those problems.
      But both of my ’02 DR 650’s are a huge improvement.
      I believe the only thing that is the same for the pre-’96 and the ’96 through 2013 DR’s is the name.
      None of the parts are interchangeable beyond the tires and tubes…

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