5 comments on “Holy Crap! Buell shuts down!

  1. It is sad, but HD management is not crap.
    You like the bike so much then buy the Buell company?
    Can’t afford it? Neither can HD.

  2. Buell began without Harley Davidson. It can/ should continue without Harley Davidson.

    Buell really was too different, too far out in front, of H-D to ever really be part of H-D. When you mix 1 cup of white with 10 cups of black, the white gets darken more than the black gets whitened.

    I hope Buell finds its true direction again. We want ideas like Buell, not the same-ol’, dress-and-look-alike crowd.

    This may be a blessing in disguise. Erik Buell really is an American innovator.

    Erik, when big plans fall apart, return to your roots.

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