Month: December 2008

Another fine Sam Simons Reader Ride!

Sam Writes:

Hi Steve,
This is the 1975 E-start Commando I owned a few years back. It was quite a looker and performer;absolutely stock,and originally purchased new by a airline pilot in Ohio. I didn’t suffer any electricalprobs as others did. I preferred the 1975 model for the shift location, and that black/gold/alloy visual combination was stunning……

It Sure is! thanks again Sam!

When men were men. 1915 Indian transcontinental riders.

More info via

1915. “Baker and O’Brien, transcontinental motorcyclists, back of White House.” Bud Baker and Dick O’Brien, whom we first met here. In May 1915 they embarked on a five-month, 10,000-mile overland jaunt to the West Coast via Indian motorcycle to see the California expositions. Harris & Ewing.

Brilliant Concept bike!

OBIBOI sends in the following conceptual design. I think it fantastic and I’d love to own one. He’s a very talented designer. Check out his homepage at


I send to you this render of my personal idea of “CONTAMINATION BIKE”
What do you think?