Video Reminder. Be carefull out there this weekend.

Stuff like this really pisses me off. I once almost planted my front wheel at 70mph on the interstate when a big flatbed dropped 5 or 6 pieces of sod right in front of me. I had a friend get killed years ago from a ladder falling out of a truck on a bridge. Remember, there is a lot of shit not tied down and this is the second busiest weekend for people moving all year. Ride safe folks!

Three fantastic Moto Guzzi Video’s from our regular commenter and aficionado William Ferry.

I’m just going to let Bill describe them… Fantastic Stuff!

This lovely thing is, in my view having studied them for years, the BEST all -round tasty.. I’ve ever seen. I would have it in a heartbeat.
[2] Also attached I hope, is a lovely little film taken at the Guzzi factory, at some gathering or other.. of a famous Guzzi technician and cafe owner.. [name escapes me.. the joys of getting older..].. he starts the bike, and the joy on his face and the rasp of the bike is a total wonder to behold. Lovely.
Now FGS let them thro’ and.. just enjoy them.

[3] I’ve added the last one as, a guzzi fan, you should see these things [ sorry, I’m not being pompous.. it’s a love affair and I love to show like minded people..]
Bill Lomas was my lifelong hero. And he knew it. We were friends for years and I loved him dearly. A great guy.. he had a wicked sense of humour and told terrible, outrageous stories. I miss him still. Ah well..

Oh my… The sound of this bike is just sublime..

this last one just make so happy that I live in the age of Youtube.