Update to a previous Reader Ride.

You featured my CB750 Cafe as ‘Bike pic of the day’ back in Sept 2012.
I have just completed a rehash on the same theme, but this time gone a bit made with the Ali and engine.
If you want any further info on spec etc please do let me know.
Love the site and open mindedness of the subscribers.
Dave Morgan



  1. Great looking bike! I used to see bikes like this back in the mid-70’s in London. Yours looks like a very shiny Dresden.
    I’m very envious. Good job.

  2. Just a plain gorgeous motorcycle. Love the styling choices . Would love to be riding it. Must have worn out a ton of polishing compound and cloths. Enjoy!!!

  3. Would you believe, I don’t polish her as much as you would think…I use silicone spray and a rag.
    Thanks for the comments chaps.

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