The Brand New (American Made) Motus MST Sport Tourer

Wow! Go to Motorcycle Daily (no affiliation) for a good review of the bike.

Gorgeous stuff with a pretty good idea for an engine.

Engine on the dyno… It does sound like a scaled down Corvette. Turn it up LOUD!


  1. I was really excited about a new American motorcycle company at first. Then I find out they’re using a gigantic 2 valve pushrod motor. Really? Can I get one with a NASCAR paint scheme?

  2. I’ll take it. It’s something genuinely different. And who give a crap about ultra high tech when you’re rolling with “161 horsepower and 122 ft.-lbs. of torque at 8000 RPM from a sport tourer that comes in at 550 pounds with its six-gallon fuel tank topped off”.

    I mean damm.. what else do you need on that road trip? The thing is simple enough to be crazy reliable. It’s nuts that no one else has done it yet. I bet someone at the big 6 does a knockoff on this thing down the road. Because the fact that it’s going to be a low production #’s “boutique” bike sucks… but hey it’s a start.

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