Favorite 5

Top Five All Time Favorite Production bikes. Second of Five. BMW R100GSPD

I’m going to go ahead and get this curve ball out of the way early.  I know more than a few of you might be scratching your heads a bit but hey it’s my list and I freely admit that I have some inconsistent taste in bikes. I like em all.

Well, “back in the day”, a South Florida dealer was clearing out old stock and had a sweet deal on a “Bumble Bee” black and yellow R100GS as the oilheads were on their way and he needed floorspace. I kick myself to this day for passing on it. Yeah I know the Bumble Bee wasn’t a Paris / Dakar model but I kick myself just the same. The R100GSPD was the penultimate model in the air cooled GS lineup and in my mind THE class defining Adventure bike. I think I may own one yet.

Update: Top Five alltime favorite production bikes week! One of Five: The Ducati 916. Timeless Classic

This would easily make my top 5 all time list.  The other four might get interesting though.  Hey I think I have my theme for the week!  Top 5 all time production favorites.  We’ll call this first of the five.  I’ll just do them as a group without a particular ranking.  My mood changes too much anyway.