A Travis Lawson, Iron Spade Cycles bike that fell through the e-mail cracks….

..and shame on me. You know I’ve got a very “confused” (long story) KZ650 sitting in my garage at the moment and looking some at of the bikes Travis has built has me inspired… Time to give the old gal some attention I think. I have a similar 750 top end and assorted mods but […]

And now for something completely different! The 1936 General Motors assembly line video!

With a big shout out to Travis Lawson of Iron Spade Cycles..  (ironspadecycles@hotmail.com) for posting this to his Facebook Page.  Really amazing.  The 1936 General Motors assembly plant promotional video.  I’d love to see something along these lines more motorcycle related (and I promise to do some looking around)  but this gets the idea across.  […]