Yet another stunner of a Harley.

Sent in by one of the catchiest e-mail handles I’ve seen in a while “McMelle TheEgo” lol…”

Another really cool old Harley… And please spare me the e-mails. I’m aware that there’s a lot of Harley haters out there. I used to be one of them but not so much anymore… especially the older ones. And life can’t be all Cafe Racers and flawless restorations. So, yes it’s heavy and yes it’s slow. So what. It gorgeous and it’s dripping with character and cool. And don’t worry folks I go through phases. This too shall pass lol..

One comment

  1. No worries on the Harleys. I’m a big fan of th old ones, especially the HydraGlides that you have been posting lately.

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