Update: CL77 Hybrid.

Just got this info from Sam Simmons who sent me the pic:
The picture came to me via another Hoosier-Ellis Holman(a huge
vintage Honda enthusiast with many restorations to his credit) following
my request for a pic of a re-powered Honda CL77 scrambler(this bike’s a
Background info is that there are in fact a number of these CB/CL’s ‘out
there’,as there’s at least one fellow(in TX,I believe) doing them for
I’d requested the pic because I’m interested in building similar,but
basing it on a CL77 with 4:4 high pipes(no baffles,only Snuff-R-Nots for
that ‘right’ sound).
And,there are other variations of this theme,using the CB350F and 400F
chassis as the basis.

That’s all I know,Steve…..

Thanks Sam!

This excellent bike was sent to me a while back and the e-mail got lost in a bit of an onslaught of messages that I received at that time. I can’t find the original message so if it was you please let me know so I can give proper credit. Thanks


  1. obviously done by one of those “nicest people” you used to hear about meeting…very sweet…love to see more!

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