Reader Ride. More snow Biking…

You guys are getting int this “snow biking” thing.  This one looks nuts!

Can I play too. Lets see, an ‘Adventure’ shot from White face and a ‘snow’ shot from Tennessee.
How about a ‘snow’ shot from Whiteface?
This was taken on September 12/1987.It was taken on the way up to the toll road. It was closed for the season, but we follow the smaller roads down the backside (turn right just before the toll area).
Things got worse 5 minutes from here when we stopped for more photos. Our buddy Barry went sliding backwards with the clutch out & wheel spinning! We had to get onto the shoulder where the ice hadn’t yet formed under the snow. A half hour later, we were in warm sunshine and dry roads.That’s me on my old GSXR750.

This looks freaking miserable… Glad it worked out. I love the old GSZr’s and Seca’s.   Great Stuff.

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