Riding into History Show and I had the wrong Camera… Brough Superior. Arial Square Four. Vincent. Triumph

Next few days will be some of the better posts from the local Riding Into History Motorcycle Concourse in St Augustine Florida. Sadly, I packed the wrong lower resolution camera so my pics are not as sharp as I’d usually hope for. A little post processing seems to have given them some usefulness though. Here’s some of the first pics I snapped. I was an perfect day and an outstanding event. 

FYI: If you want to see the whole album go to the “Links to full albums” page at the top of this blog and there are links to this album as well as most of the rest of my pics.  Enjoy!

One comment

  1. Very nice Steve.Coming orignally from Ireland,Vincents are on my top three list.
    In Austin TX a few weeks ago on the bike trip I ran into Sean who owns Austin Moto Classics.We got to talking and he tried,unsuccessfully, to get me a viewing of the Harris Vincent Collection there.Thats where the Rollie Free Vincent is.Oh well.
    Thanks for the pics.


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