Sweet Reader Ride. 1982 Custom Katana.

Reader Steve Adams sends in the pis of his fantastic 1982 Katana.

Steve Writes:
Hi,Just happened upon your blog, some cool bikes on there! Heres my 1982 Suzuki Katana with loads of mods (can you spot them?) it took 18 months to build, what do you think?

Judging by the upsidedown forks, the swingarm, the Ohlins shocks, the brakes, the very trick looking pipe and what is no doubt extensive engine mods…. I think that it’s the nicest Katana I’ve ever seen!

Really fantastic work!! Thanks for the pics!


  1. WOW! My jaw dropped when I saw your Kat! I own a mostly stock 83 750 that’s been sitting around for about 15 years. Now that I’ve seen yours I’m super motivated to restore mine. Would you mind letting me know what front end & wheels you have on it & did it take a lot of mod to make it work? I also looked into the Racefit pipes but didn’t see one for the Kat. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, The Racefit pipe was made as a one off by the guys to my spec. The front end is a bit of a mongrel, the forks are gsxr750k4 (I think) the calipers are Yamaha R1 the yokes are cbr954 ’02 and wheels are Dymag. The forks were quite easy to fit although some spacers needed to be made and lockstops fabricated but it was probably one of the easier jobs during the build, the most difficult was getting a 6 inch rear and 190 tyre in a space designed to take a 130.
    Cheers all.

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