4 comments on “My 100 dollar paint job! (or tooting my own horn.. lol)

  1. Looks great. I got a compressor for my birthday about 10 years back, and bought a cheap HVLP gun from ebay. I now paint my bikes using “the good stuff” — Its surprising how little you need, and once you have the technique down, your materials cost should be very similar to the paint cans, and with HVLP you’ll have a lot less overspray.

    I use the two-part paints, so the base-coats are extremely forgiving, and the clearcoat has a very strong hardener that I appreciate every time I do something stupid like whack the tank with my boot, or…

    Of course, the compressor is good for other stuff as well. Once you’ve used an air-ratchet to take a bike apart, or used it for a D/A sander attachment, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

    Fun to scare the dogs when it comes on to recharge the pressure, too!

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  3. Thanks! The pipes are original Denco expansion chambers. There are a few folks reproducing them now days. The front fender is a Maier Superbike fender. Easy to find on the web. Around $55-$60 US. Very well made too.

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